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dd you guys like the last chapter orrrr…

Chapter 9: “Tonight, I’ll make you feel beautiful once again.”

Chapter 9: “Tonight, I’ll make you feel beautiful once again.” 

"What do you mean?"

"It’s my fault he killed himself. I gave him the idea." I say slowly. 

"What do you mean? Becca. Talk to me. I’m here for you, okay?"

I close my eyes and turn away from him, “We were both laying on the roof listening to Blink-182. He asked me if I ever thought about dying. If I was afraid of it. I told him I wasn’t. That if anything, I welcomed it. I wanted it. Then he asked how I wanted to die. I told him I’d want it to be dramatic. That I’d probably want someone to find me. Before he… committed suicide, he wrote letters to everyone in our family. He told me he was thinking of that conversation when he was planning his death. It was my fault, Alex. And no one else knows. Then my dad. My dad stuck around for a while. But Jared was his pride and joy. I guess he just snapped one day and one day, he just didn’t come home from work. He packed his stuff and left, leaving me with my mom. My mom was already reeling from Jared and then my dad left without telling anyone. It all sent her over the edge. She doesn’t work, she doesn’t eat. She’s rotting. And my sister, she’s wasting her life too. All she does is drink and hook up with random guys. She barely looks at me. So basically, I lost everyone I ever cared about.”

I stand up as another roll of thunder shook me to the core. I blink back the tears in my eyes as I feel a pair of arms wrap around me. I began to lose it. I closed my eyes and turn around and bury my face is Alex’s chest, breathing in his scent. Tears began to flow down my cheeks and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t care that I wasn’t the perfect girl that everyone expected me to be. I stood there, leaning on him as the thunder kept growling and the lightening began to strike and soon, it was pouring. I untangled myself from him and wipe my tears away, looking up at the sky. 


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Soo, I met All Time Low at Warped… asdfghjkl;

they signed my shiiirt<3 omg. I high fived Jack and talked to all of them. afgsjkrfd

When's chapter 9 gonna be up? I'm craving more!!

sooon! hahah I was about to finish it up! (: 

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In case you guys care,

I have another writing blog. I don’t know if you like my writing that much, but I’ll post the URL if  you guys are interested. 

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